Prospect.5, opening October 24, 2020 and closing January 24, 2021, will take a nuanced look at questions of history. Exploring current social and political conditions that demand a reconsideration of the past, Prospect.5 will investigate the multivalence of history and the way it is created and understood as document and fiction, manifested and suppressed. The exhibition takes its cues from the particularity of this moment and the city of New Orleans itself and will employ diverse readings, interpretative models, and artistic forms to draw connections across different perspectives on history. Prospect.5 will examine the ways in which the past is constructed and how it informs the present. 

For this iteration of Prospect's Satellite Program, we are requesting proposals for exhibitions that likewise take on ideas of history and art history, with particular attention to the city and region and the ways they are in dialogue with national and global conversations. The Satellite Program will consist of up to ten exhibitions that address, expand, further, and challenge the central themes of P.5 while illuminating the rich cultural production that occurs in New Orleans year round. Prospect will contribute at least $1,000 toward each exhibition (the final figure will depend on the amount selected).

Selected exhibitions should primarily feature New Orleans-based artists and can take any form, ranging from curated solo presentations to group shows, from projects based in archives and collections to performance works. Proposals are welcomed from curators, artists, organizations, and residents. It is strongly preferred that proposals are submitted by New Orleans-based individuals and entities. Proposed venues should be within (or very close to) Orleans Parish. 

We believe a focused suite of exhibitions reflective of artists and cultural producers based in the city will provide a strong complement to P.5 and help to generate critical interest in organizations and ideas on the ground in New Orleans.

Deadline: November 1, 2019


Proposal requirements: 

  1. Exhibition concept (max 500 words)

  2. List of 2–3 prospective venues and existing relationship with venues

  3. Preliminary artist(s) list and whether artist(s) are confirmed or pending

  4. Up to 10 images, and/or 3 audio or video links relevant to the proposal

  5. Resume of relevant experience by organizer(s)

Proposals should be sent to with the subject heading Satellite Proposal.



What is the selection process and how will proposals be judged?

Proposals will be selected by Prospect staff and the P.5 Artistic Directors, who may request to briefly interview applicants. Competitive proposals will:

  1. Demonstrate how the exhibition concept relates to the Prospect.5 concept

  2. Be realistic and flexible

  3. Showcase New Orleans and regionally-based practitioners

When will I be notified?

We aim to notify all applicants before the end of the year.

If my proposal is selected, what exactly am I responsible for?

Securing a venue, selecting artists, and costs outside Prospect’s commitment. We anticipate that Prospect.5 curators Naima Keith and Diana Nawi will host a session to bring together the organizers of Satellite exhibitions and discuss exhibition logistics and concepts. The Satellite exhibition must be open from at least October 24, 2020–January 24, 2021 and hold regular hours.

How is the budget disbursed and how can funds be spent?

Half of the budget will be disbursed to each organizer up front, in early 2020. The second half will be disbursed in September, 2020 before the opening of the exhibition in October. Funds can be spent at the discretion of the organizer(s), for example: artist fees, curator fees, framing, transportation, insurance, art handling fees, etc.

Why is the Satellite initiative changing?

We are changing in response to direct feedback received from New Orleans-based artists, curators, gallerists, and other cultural producers that participation in the Satellite program should involve tangible resources, be more focused, be more feasible for outside audiences to understand and visit, and be more directly connected to the Prospect exhibition and its Artistic Directors. 

Will Prospect still compile and circulate a list of local contemporary art spaces that are not part of the Satellite exhibition?

Yes. This will be published in the Prospect.5 map and guide as well as on Prospect’s website. Information on local art spaces will be available at the P.5 Visitor’s Center (location is TBD) and at additional P.5 venues.