As part of its mission to support the local artist community of New Orleans, Prospect New Orleans implemented a Satellite Program for each triennial edition.  The aim of the Satellite program is to highlight and promote concurrent exhibitions and arts events organized by local artists during the Opening Weekend Events and throughout the course of the Triennial.  With P.S. Satellites, we are expanding the concept behind the satellite installations and setting a framework to guide the satellite program, not only for during Prospect.4, but for future Prospect Triennials as well. The PS in PS.. Satellites stems from the idea of a postscript.  A postscript may be a sentence, a paragraph, or occasionally many paragraphs added to, after the signature of a letter or (sometimes) the main body of an essay or book. In a book or essay, a more carefully composed addition. The word "postscript" has, poetically, been used to refer to any sort of addendum to some main work, even if it is not attached to a main work.  The P.S. Satellite program of Prospect New Orleans seeks to engender this same spirit of a poetic addendum to the Triennial focusing on the wealth of amazing local artist and organizations in our city.

With P.S. Satellites – a Project of Prospect New Orleans, we know the New Orleans art will community come together developing a rich addendum to Prospect.4.  During the 13 weeks of Prospect.4 we hope to see the New Orleans art community showcase a large number of contemporary art exhibitions and events. Some to be organized by artists themselves, others by arts organizations, co-ops, patrons, or by community arts organizations. Prospect.4 will do its utmost to give these exposure and promote them through its printed matter, media outreach, and social media listings.

For information on P.S Satellites contact Megan Koza Mitchell, Project Manager at

To apply to be a part of P.S. Satellite Program please fill out the Preliminary Google Application.