As part of our mission to support the local artist community of New Orleans, Prospect New Orleans has implemented a Satellite Program for each triennial edition.  The aim of the Satellite program is to highlight and promote concurrent exhibitions and arts events organized by local and regional artists, curators, and cultural workers during Opening Weekend and throughout the course of the Triennial.  With P.S. Satellites, we are expanding the concept behind the satellite presentations, setting a framework to guide the satellite program. The PS in P.S. Satellites stems from the idea of a postscript.  A postscript is a carefully composed addition - a sentence, a paragraph, or occasionally many paragraphs - added to, or after, the signature of a letter or (sometimes) the main body of an essay or book. The word "postscript" has poetically been used to refer to any sort of addendum to some main work, even if it is not attached to a main work.  The P.S. Satellites program of Prospect New Orleans seeks to engender this same spirit of a poetic addendum to the Triennial focusing on the wealth of amazing local artist and organizations in our city and region.

With over one hundred participating artists and organizations, P.S. Satellites is an important component of Prospect New Orleans, showcasing New Orleans’ position as an innovator in the contemporary art world.  Prospect New Orleans is committed to providing exposure and promoting satellite events through its printed material, media outreach, and social media listings. Please see our website, facebook and twitter for up to date information about the wealth of exhibitions and events that you can visit! 

P.S. Satellites Exhibition Listings

CBD/Warehouse District/Central City

Public/Outdoor Installation
826 GRAVIER ST., 70112
Wisdom in the Swamp
Goddesses of the Willendorf Collective

Urban Sidewalk Installation Space (US/IS)

441 Gravier Street, New Orleans, LA 70130
Visit for invites to exclusive art events, free give-aways, access to limited edition artwork & more!

Louisiana Prayer Flags: Porch Stories
BUREAU of CHANGE: Social Services
Wombs Are the World by Artsy Creator

Public/Outdoor Installation
Poydras St. between Bolivar and S. Galvez
Avian Avatars: The Myth Makers: Donna Dodson & Andy Moerlein
Part of the Poydras Corridor Sculpture Exhibition presented by The Helis Foundation

Workspace Solutions
401 St. Joseph Street New Orleans, LA
Being in Two Places : A Tangent History - Daan Noppen and Brittany Schall

Degas Gallery at the Freeport McMoran Building
Freeport McMoran Building 1615 Poydras St. New Orleans La 70112
Zona Wainwright: Don't Wait

Degas Gallery & Octavia Gallery at Poydras Center
650 Poydras St. New Orleans, LA 70130
Kikuo Saito

Poydras Corridor
Poydras St. between Convention Center Blvd. and S. Galvez
Poydras Corridor Sculpture Exhibition presented by The Helis Foundation

Brand New Orleans Art Gallery
646 Tchoupitoulas Street
Tim Cavnar

Carrara Marble & Granite
912 Julia St, New Orleans, LA 70113
Wednesday - Sunday//12pm - 5pm
Leavings - A Rachel David & Shawn Hall Collaboration

Leavings - A Rachel David & Shawn Hall Collaboration

Leavings - A Rachel David & Shawn Hall Collaboration

Boyd Satellite
440 Julia St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Tuesday - Saturday//11am - 4pm
Water Land – Nov. 4 – Nov. 26
A Nkisi for Jeffery Cook – Dec. 2 – Feb. 25

Jonathan Ferrara Gallery
400a Julia St. New Orleans, LA 70130
Monday - Saturday//10am - 5pm
Sin Titulo– Nov. 4 – Dec. 30

Art Gallery of the Consulate of Mexico
901 Convention Center Blvd #119, New Orleans, LA 70130
Sin Titulo – Nov. 4 – Dec. 30

Octavia Art Gallery
454 Julia Street, New Orleans, LA 70130
David Row & Carole Eisner

George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts
747 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 70130

CANO Creative Spaces at Myrtle Banks Building
1307 Oretha Castle Haley New Orleans 70113
The Divide – Kim Rice

Kim Rice: The Divide, 2017

Kim Rice: The Divide, 2017

Courtyard Brewery
1020 Erato Street New Orleans 70130
Monday - Wednesday//4pm - 9:30pm and Tuesday - Sunday//11am - 9:30pm
Catalyst Collective

Dryades Public Market, 2nd Floor
1307 Oretha Castle Haley New Orleans 70113
Lavi Dous - The Haitian Cultural Legacy Collection

Mural/Outdoor Space
2200 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd.
One More Time: Commemorative Mural Honoring Big Chief Bo Dollis, Sr. of the Wild Magnolias

Pelican Bomb Gallery X
1612 Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard, New Orleans, LA 70113
Wednesday - Sunday//12pm - 5pm
Queer Tropics - Ash Arder, Kerry Downey, Madeline Gallucci, Victoria Martinez, Joiri Minaya, Carlos Motta, Pacifico Silano, and Adrienne Elise Tarver

kai lumumba barrow/gallery of the streets
2225 Josephine Street

3322 LaSalle St NOLA 70115
Monday  - Friday//10am - 5pm
Orenda: An Exhibition of YAYA Alumni Artistry - Level Art Collective, Jourdan Barnes, Gerard Caliste

Uptown/Garden District/Irish Channel

Carroll Gallery
Woldenberg Art Center, Newcomb Art Department, Tulane University
Monday - Friday//9am - 4pm
Tulane Contemporary.4 – Nov. 16 – Feb. 9

TEN Gallery
4432 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 70115
Tuesday - Saturday//10am-5pm
Fertile: Ten Gallery Group Exhibition – Nov. 4 -  
Gulf Currents: Box 13 (Houston) Guest Artists Exhibition – Dec. 2 – Jan. 31
Humid – Feb. 3 – Feb. 28

Public Installation
5113 Magazine Street, Nola 70115
24/7 if she were royalty: Artemis Antippas

New Orleans Photo Alliance
1111 St. Mary Street
Tues. - Sat. 12pm - 4pm
Self-Untitled: Samantha Geballe

HiVolt Coffee
1829 Sophie Wright Pl, New Orleans, LA 70130
Shores of Perception

Potence Collective
5700 Magazine st. New Orleans 70115

Kevin Gillentine Gallery
3917 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70115
Open Daily//10am - 5pm
Kevin Gillentine

Cole Pratt Gallery
3800 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA, 70115
Tuesday - Saturday//10am
Inventory of the Possible: Evert Witte – Oct. 31 – Nov. 25
Recent Work: Richard A. Johnson – Nov. 28 – Dec. 30
Topographical Narratives: Mac Ball – Jan. 2 – Feb. 2

Thomas Mann
500 Napoleon Avenue

French Quarter

Eight One Eight Contemporary Photography Gallery
818 Royal Street Upper, New Orleans, La. 70116
Insentient Objects: Capitalism, Commodification, and Catharsis: C+J (Cecelia + Jose Fernandes)

image courtesy C+J (Cecelia + Jose Fernandes)

image courtesy C+J (Cecelia + Jose Fernandes)

Antieau Gallery
927 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA 70116
Open Daily//10am - 5pm
Reflections - Chris Roberts-Antieau

M.S. Rau Antiques
630 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130
Monday - Saturday//9am - 5:15
Aristocracy: Luxury and Leisure in Britain
Oct. 20 - Jan. 20

Tremé/Lafitte/7th Ward

Monica Kelly Studio
1401 Laharpe St. 70116
Open Daily//12pm - 6pm
Flora Arcana: A Visual Journey Into the Emotional Body Through Flowers

Art House on Esplanade - Outside
2326 Esplanade New Orleans, LA 70119
Robert C. Tannen

Artist Journey Allen Gallery-Studio
1474 North Broad Street, New Orleans, LA 70119
Shores of Perception - Travis Barbara, Ashley Longshore, Stuart & Ann Katz (collab) – Cincinnati, Nikki Simard, Jac Currie, Michael Gaiser - L.A, Lisa Iacono, Cynthia Koerner, Ian Smith, Greg Giegucz

 Hoodoo Emporium
1808 North Claiborne Ave. New Orleans
WOODEN QUILTS: The Post Katrina Art of Jean-Marcel St. Jacques

Material Life
2521 Bayou Road
Wednesday - Saturday//12pm - 6pm
Visible Histories
Girls! Girls! Girls!: Ecdysiasts, Pinups, and other Naked Ladies
Oct. 14 - Nov. 19
It’s All Natural
Nov. 24 - Jan. 13

Marta Rodriguez Maleck
1405 Music Street New Orleans LA 70117
Marta Rodriguez Maleck

Steve Locke
2527 Ursulines Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70119
Steve Locke

Bywater/Marigny/9th ward

Bywater Art Lofts Gallery
3726 Dauphine St.
Open Daily//10am - 4pm
67 Tentacles
(November - December)
Wearable Art Showcase
(January - February)

Mimi's in the Marigny
2601 Royal Street New Orleans, LA 70117
Open Daily//3pm - 4pm
Heather Weathers

5 Press Gallery
5 Press Street
Thursday - Sunday 10am - 3pm
lo-cus: Lorna Williams
Sep. 9 - Nov. 26
Wishlist: Art for Sharing
Dec. 1 - Jan. 4
Atlas of a deconstructed Albatross
Jan. 19 - Mar. 18

Bywater Bakery
3624 Dauphine Street, New Orleans La 70117
Open Daily//7am - 5 pm
Hearth Ephemeral
  Laurel True
  Robert Vicknair
  NOV- 18- JAN 5

Hearth Ephemeral
  Peter Horjus
  Karen Ocker
  JAN 6 - FEB 25

Satsuma Café
3218 Dauphine Street
Open Daily//7am - 5pm
Elizabeth Shannon

Michalopoulos Studio
527 Elysian Fields Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70117
James Michalopoulos

C3 Gallery
526 Caffin Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117
Righting the Ship: Rosalyn Myles

Rosalyn Miles, Righting the Ship, 2017

Rosalyn Miles, Righting the Ship, 2017

Art House on the Levee
4725 Dauphine Street New Orleans, LA 70117

The Music Box Village
4557 N. Rampart St.
Fri. 3pm - 8pm and Sat. -Sun. 10am - 8pm

Parleaux Brewery
634 Lesseps Street Bywater 70117
Monday//3pm - 10pm; Thursday and Friday//3pm - 10pm; Saturday//11am - 10pm; Sunday//12pm - 10pm
Catalyst Collective

2120 Port New Orleans LA 70117

2120 St. Ferdinand St. New Orleans LA 70117

2120 St. Ferdinand St. New Orleans LA 70117

Art Klub
1941 Arts St., 70117

Scavengers opening reception Nov. 18
St. Suzan Baltozer artist talk Nov. 22
Bring it to the Table- Vegetarian Thanksgiving leftover pot luck and anything goes open mic. Nov. 25
Aesthetics of Garbage Lab 1, Flock, Nov. 26 Nick Shamblott
Aesthetics of Garbage Lab 2, Flock, Nov. 26  Ann Glaviano
Artivism Dance Theatre artist talk, Nov. 29
Reese Johanson artist talk and work in progress performance Dec. 6
They Don't Eat Corn Here, Reese Johanson, Dec. 7
They Don't Eat Corn Here, Reese Johanson, Dec. 8
Flock artist talk, Dec. 13
Drawing with Debris, Jacqueline Ehle Inglefield, Dec. 16
Drawing with Debris, Jacqueline Ehle Inglefield, Dec. 17
Cree McCree, artist talk, Jan. 3
13th Night Scavenger Costume Sale and Show, Cree McCree Jan 7
Ryuta Iwashita artist talk, Jan. 10
Ultra Mogoloids, Ryuta Iwashita, Jan 12
Artivism Dance Theatre Fundraiser and Performance, Jan 13 (NOT DEC 2)
Aesthetics of Garbage Lab 3, Flock, Jan. 14  Meryl Murman
In Box Out Can We Be Contained, St. Suzan Baltozer, Jan. 19
Chris Lawson, artist talk, Jan 24
Voice Beyond Portrait, Amy Bryan Jan 27
Aesthetics of Garbage Lab 4, Flock, Jan. 28  Nick Shamblott
Collage Painting, Keith Duncun, Jan 28
Amy Bryan artist talk, Jan 31
Aesthetics of Garbage Lab 5, Flock, Feb 4, Caitlin H. Adams
Keith Duncan, artist talk, Feb 7
Jacquline Ehle Inglefield, artist talk, Feb 15
Aesthetics of Garbage FINAL PRESENTATION , Flock, Feb. 17
Scavengers Closing Reception and Throw Down Party, Feb. 24th

Where Y'Art Gallery
1901 Royal Street
Open Monday - Friday//10am - 5pm
Masterpeace – Curated by Cubs the Poet

St. Claude District

3718 St Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117
Tuesday - Sunday 12pm - 5pm
We Believe in Infinite Intelligence: Lacey Prpic Hedtke
Oct. 12 - Nov. 27
Antenna Part I:
Nov.11 - Dec. 3
Blue Library: Tammy Mercure
Dec. 2 - Jan. 28
Antenna Part 2: Annie Laurie Erickson, Ben Fox-McCord, Avery Lawrence, Ashley Teamer
Dec. 9 - Jan. 7
Antenna Part 3: Amanda Cassingham-Bardwell, Jer'Lisa Devezin, Laura Gipson, Natalie McLaurin
Jan. 13 - Feb. 4
Antenna Part 4: Kevin Brisco Jr., Amelia Broussard, Horton Humble, Rontherin Ratliff
Feb. 10 - Mar. 4

The Front
4100 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans 70117
Saturday - Sunday 12pm - 5pm
Full House – Nov. 11 – Dec. 3
Click Bait – (in conjunction with PhotoNOLA) – Dec. 9 – Jan.7
Reflex Arc – Jan. 13 – Feb. 4
Honey Trap – Feb. 10 – Mar. 4
Open to the public Saturdays and Sundays, 12:00-5:00, except every second Saturday, 6:00-10:00

Good Children Gallery
4037 St Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117
Saturday - Sunday//12pm - 5pm
Asteroids Volcanoes Avalanches Floods – curated by Dan Cameron

The Grand Maltese
3040 Saint Claude Ave New Orleans LA 70117

New Orleans Art Center
3330 St. Claude Ave, New Orleans LA 70117
Open Daily//12pm - 6pm
Bywater Biennial – Nov. 11 – Dec. 9
Photo NOLA: Owen Murphy – Dec. 9 – Dec. 29
B4 Peace: Namaya - Grace Cares – Jan. 13 – Feb. 4

New Orleans Healing Center
2372 St Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117
Sanctity X: Krisitn Meyers

unnamed (1).jpg

Barrister's Gallery
2331 St Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117
Tuesday - Saturday//12pm - 5pm
Little Maggie and Rye Whiskey: Dennis Dawson
Here Come the Warm Jets: Jon Bowles
Nov 11-Dec 2
VooDeo: Paul Deo
After the Tomb of the Diver: Phoebe Nesgos
Dec 9-Jan 6
An Exhibition: Sanctity Extended: Krisitn Meyers
Jan. 13 – Feb. 2
Nazi Punks, Fuck Off - curated by Dan Tague
Feb 10-March 3

Second Story Gallery, New Orleans Healing Center
2378 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans LA 70117
Open Daily 9am - 8pm
Perfection is a Golden Swamp
Nov. 11 - Dec. 2

Off the Street: New Orleans and Venice in Charles Lovell’s Photography - curated by Anna Mecugni
Dec. 9- Jan. 7

Staple Goods
1340 St. Roch Ave., New Orleans, LA 70117
Saturday - Sunday//12pm - 5pm
Buffer – Nov. 11 – Dec. 3
Kitchen Gods: Priya Kambli in conjunction with PhotoNOLA – Dec. 9 – Jan. 7
Various Portents: Norah Lovell – Jan. 13 – Feb. 4
Jack Niven – Feb. 10 – March 4

Mural/Outdoor Space
2608 Saint Claude Avenue

The Parlor
3913 Saint Claude Ave.
Parlay @ The Parlor

city park

Isaac Delgado Fine Arts Gallery
615 City Park Ave., New Orleans, LA 70119
Monday - Tuesday//9am - 7pm; Wednesday - Thursday//9am - 3pm
We're Still Here: Delgado Visual Arts Faculty


3835 Tulane Ave.,
Open daily 4pm - 11pm
DRIFTING: Tricia Duffy Vitrano, Eva Maier, Susan Norris Davis
Nov. 16 – 30
PHOTO NOLA and P4 Meet: Erin Nelson, Muffin Bernstein, Elisa Mason
Dec. 1 – 31
If I Ever get my Act Together: Ralph Chabaud  and Ron Romanski from IATSE 478
Jan.1 – Feb.25

Xavier University Art Gallery
1 Drexel Dr. Administration Building

Najma Nuriddin
1315 S Jefferson Davis Pkwy #116
Najma Nuriddin

St. Bernard area

Itshanapa of Yeyo Arts Collective
4400 Kennon Ave
Itshanapa of Yeyo Arts Collective

Historic Algiers point

Rosetree Blown Glass Studio and Gallery
446 Vallette St, 70114


Crevasse 22
8122 Saro Lane St. Bernard, LA 70085

Studio Inferno
6601 St. Claude Ave.
Arabi, LA
Tuesday - Saturday//10AM - 5PM
Monuments and Mementos: Erica Larkin Gaudet, Mitchell Gaudet


Outside New Orleans

Jean Lafitte Art Gallery and Gifts
2608 Jean Lafitte Blvd. Lafitte, LA 70067
Wednesday - Sunday//11AM - 6PM
The Stories We Tell Ourselves: Jeanne Vockroth and Catie Colvin Sampson

Kenner Rivertown Arts Council Community Courtyard
409 William Blvd. Kenner, LA 70062
Wednesday - Sunday//11am - 4pm
Down by the River

Acadiana Center for the Arts
|101 W Vermilion St, Lafayette, LA 70501
Monday - Saturday//10am - 5pm
ART I-10

Hilliard University Art Museum
Hilliard University Art Museum, 710 East St Mary Blvd; Lafayette LA 70503
Tuesday - Friday//9am - 4pm Saturdays//10am - 5pm
Tina Freeman: Artist Spaces

Basin Arts
113 Clinton Street, Lafayette, LA 70501
Conscious Media

LSU Museum of Art
100 Lafayette Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70801
Tuesday - Saturday//10am - 5pm and Sunday//1pm - 5pm
Bonjour | Au Revoir Surréalism
Sept. 28 – March 25
Broken Time: Sculpture by Martin Payton
Oct. 19 – Feb. 11

Baton Rouge
Various Locations in Baton Rouge
Nature of the City

Pike School of Art
213 main St. McComb, MS39648
Mon. - Fri. 8am - 12pm &1pm - 5pm
do it Pike County

Alabama Contemporary Art Center
301 Conti St. Mobile AL 36602
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