Quintron and Miss Pussycat

Miss Pussycat

Resides in New Orleans, LA 


kingcake&witch  - Panacea Theriac, 2017

kingcake&witch  - Panacea Theriac, 2017

I began my career in art and puppetry as a child in the Southern Baptist Church of Antlers Oklahoma as part of the Christian Puppet Youth Ministry. Later on I moved to New Orleans and started a secret nightclub called Pussycat Caverns, which hosted bands and all types of performance in a unique and lively atmosphere. It was here that I realized that puppet shows are the best art form ever, because puppets are sculptures that can talk. Also, puppets live in a parallel universe and can make movies, start bands, go on tour, and be art installations that turn into goblins and castles. Today, and for over 20 years, I have been presenting puppet shows in rock clubs, art spaces, movie theaters all around the world, usually with my favorite person in the whole world, Quintron.