Call Out To All New Orleanians!

When you dream of New Orleans, what do you dream of?

When you wake up in the morning, what do you see?

We invite all New Orleanians young and old to submit their photographs in response to these questions. The images will be part of a video installation created by national artist William Pope. L. These images will be mounted on a truck that will traverse the city as part of the inaugural events celebrating the opening of Prospect.2 on October 22, 2011. The projection will remain on view at the Arts Village on Xavier University Campus for the duration of the exhibition until January 29, 2012.

To Submit Photographs:
Email Images to
(JPEG format only, at least 300dpi at 5x7 inches or higher)

Call 504.756.6438
To set up an appointment for your image to be scanned.

Artist WILLIAM POPE. L (b. 1955) Newark, NJ, has become known for his street performances that address social justice and heritage and community issues through the arts, particularly as they relate to the understanding and tolerance across the race and class divides. He is recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, the Foundation for Contemporary Arts grant, and a United States Artists Fellowship among many other accolades. William Pope. L ‘s first large solo exhibition was held at the Art Institute of Chicago in 2007.  For Prospect.2, he will present “Blink”, a video installation on wheels that will be drawn through the streets of New Orleans on opening night, and stationed at Xavier University’s Art Village during the Biennial. 

**Please included the following disclaimer in email:

I hereby grant USB/Prospect New Orleans and/or the Artist permission to use my image in the project for this occasion and any future projections of the same. I will make no monetary or other claim against USB/Prospect New Orleans and/or the Artist for use of the image(s) and/or photograph(s).

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