10 Days Till Prospect 2!

There are only 10 days until Prospect 2 opens and things are getting pretty busy here in New Orleans! We can't wait to have y'all here and in the meantime we want to show you what our friends over on St. Claude have planned for October 22!

The St. Claude Arts District will host St. Claude Satellites, a free, multi-venue art event on Oct. 22 from 6 p.m. – 12 a.m. to correspond with the opening weekend of Prospect.2, the international art biennial in New Orleans. The St. Claude Arts District is located along St. Claude Avenue, between Touro Street and Poland Avenue.

St. Claude Satellites will involve live music, performances, and gallery exhibitions that showcase a multitude of local artists to visitors from around the world. A free shuttle will transport arts patrons from the primary Prospect.2 gallery and hotel cluster in the Central Business District to the St. Claude Corridor for the duration of the Satellites event. Food trucks parked along St. Claude Avenue will provide food and bars and restaurants in the area will welcome Satellites patrons.

The St. Claude Arts District is a grouping of artist-run galleries, studios, and avant-garde spaces and is a gateway to the New Orleans contemporary art scene. 

The St. Claude Arts District is among the most vibrant cultural hubs in New Orleans, and New Orleans hosts one of the most exciting arts communities in the nation. St. Claude Satellites will bring the grassroots New Orleans artists and their work who comprise the St. Claude Arts District into contact with the broader national and international arts communities, including gallerists, curators, benefactors, and other artists. This will enhance the cultural conversation between New Orleans artists and the broader arts community and provide an opportunity for the St. Claude Arts District to showcase its full range of talents.

Feature venues for St. Claude Satellites include: Good Children Gallery, The Front, Parse Gallery (Carondelet Street) Trouser House, Antenna Gallery, Byrdie's Gallery, T-Lot, The McKenna Museum of African-American Art (Carondelet Street), Barrister’s Gallery, Staple Goods and others, as well as the other Prospect.2 official satellite spaces. Additionally, New Orleans Airlift will be premiering some of the musical architectural pieces being built for their Music Box House. Skin Horse Theater and other performers will also be presenting works.

A full program of events and shuttle route will be available in an insert to the Catalogue gallery guide and will be available at all Prospect.2 venues and on the shuttle buses.


For more information, please email st.claudesatellites@gmail.com