Okay Mountain at Arthur Roger Gallery

432 Julia Street
Tue – Sat 10 am - 5 pm

Okay Mountain

This ten-artist collective from Austin has drawn considerable attention wherever they’ve shown, and this video installation, their first full video work, parodies the contemporary practice of channel-surfing, in the form of a series of fragments of ‘television’ programs that clearly have the same author.

The collective Okay Mountain will present their lasted project call Water, Water Everywhere So Let’s All Have a Drink (2010) which was previously presented at the Austin Museum of Art. It is “a larger-than-life television monitor constructed out of wood dominates the gallery space, amplifying the dominance of media culture”, they created a series of little shorts inspired on the constant presence of the television of their generation, that grew up with digital screen images of televisions, video games, cell-phones, laptops and i-pods. The shorts that they created go from the infomercials, how-to-do programs, local news blunders, in a kind of cheap presentation of the “media cuture” and I wanna-be in this culture, where everyone can be part of the media culture. 

OKMN has been working in different activities in since 2006, when they decided to create an “artist-run gallery committed to enhancing Austin’s appreciation of global contemporary art by showing diverse works, partering with cultural and social  institutions and providing a place  for artists to work and exhibit”