Lala Rascic at Good Children Gallery

December 11, 2010 – January 2, 2011

4037 St. Claude Avenue
Saturday - Sunday, 12 pm - 5pm

Good Children Gallery has turned its space over to a series of P.1.5 collaborations between artists born and raised in New Orleans and artists who have moved here from other parts of the country and the world. The second two artists, in the series of six, are Lala Rascic and Max Toth.

 Lala Rascic was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina in 1977. She attended the School of Applied Art and Design in Zagreb and Academy of  Fine Arts in Zagreb and currently lives and works in New Orleans.

 Rascic’s work draws upon the aesthetics of old time radio plays where the performative act is the basis of assuming different identities. The artist often acts out multiple roles while playing with realities and developing fictitious narratives in her projects.


The year is 2027. Tarik is a young engineer. Merima is his beloved. They can save the townspeople of Lukavac if they broadcast the radio drama “Catastrophe” from the year 2000. Heroes and fairies, love and dystopia, rivers and lakes, dams and  factories, BH and EU, epic geography and oral tradition: between these a future romance is shaped.
(only in Croatian/Bosnian)


Lala Rascic’s project The Damned Dam departs from a real event when the broadcasting of the radio drama Catstrophe caused a panic in the Bosnian town of Lukavac, similar to Orson Wells’s War of the Worlds. The motif of the flood is embedded in the fictional narrative that is composed on the basis of field research on specific locations and events in the region. The collected materials are processed as objects, video installations, audio recordings, a blog and performances that form the elements of this modular project. The narrative strategies that the artist employs in her work are, in the project The Damned Dam, informed by Bosnian traditions of oral literature. Based on the study of these traditional forms, the artist delivers a fantasy love story set in the future that is intersected with socio-political connotations.

A series of public events that will take place in Sarajevo, Belgrade, Banja Luka and Zagreb premiered with a storytelling performance of a lyric epic narrative as part of a three-evening performance series; 3 Damned Utopias: 3 Narrative Performances by Lala Raščić. In accordance with the tradition of oral storytelling, the narrative transforms with each performance, following the development of the narrative through the cities in which it is performed. The Damned Dam project will culminate with the Zagreb exhibition in which all the elements of this project-in-progress will be collected in a multimedia installation.

For Prospect 1.5 the project will be presented as a video installation. The video documents the artist on location, at the dam in Lukavac telling the story of Tarik and Merima repeatedly during the course of one day, from morning until dark. Every rendition of the story varies slightly from the other.

BLOK, Zagreb,
DELVE, Zagreb,
KONTEKST, Beograd,
PROTOK, Banja Luka,
SCCA, Sarajevo,

supported by:
Ministry of Culture of Croatia,

J.P. Spreča, Tuzla

Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina in 1977.
1995 - Graduated from the School of Applied Art and Design in Zagreb, Graphic Design department
1995 -2001 – Academy of  Fine Arts in Zagreb, painting and art education.
2003-04 - Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam
2005 - Based between Zagreb, Sarajevo and recently New Orleans

solo exhibitions/selection
−    Individual Utopias, Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad
−    Individual Utopias, Zeta Art Gallery, Tirana

-  Individual Utopias, O.K.C. Abrašević, Mostar

-    Individual Utopias II, KC Gallery, Belgrade,cat.
-    Individual Utopias I, B.O.P Gallery, Zagreb
-    Sorry, Wrong Number, Apartman Projesi, Istanbul

-    Everything is connected, National Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, cat.
-    Everything is connected II, B.O.P Gallery, Zagreb
-    Everything is connected III, Museum of Contemporary Art, Banja Luka
-    Correspondences, on-line project, ARC Projects, as part of Edinburgh Art Festival, Edinburgh

-  Sorry Wrong Number, Art Radionica Lazareti, Dubrovnik
-  Sorry Wrong Number, Gray Area, Korčula

- Icons Share Their Wisdom, with Ana Hušman, Artenativa, artist run space, Zagreb
- Flying Carpet, Gallery Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb, cat.
- The Invisibles, galerie Dick de Bruijn, Amsterdam
- Drawings, with Koen Dealaere, Galerie Dick de Bruijn, Amsterdam

- New work, Galerija Nova, Zagreb
- City on a Hill, with Ana Hušman, KIC photogallery, Zagreb, cat.

- All the extras, with Ana Husman, Zagreb

- 17 Stories, VN gallery, Zagreb, cat.
- in>side<out, with Ana Hušman and Zeljko Blaće, Galerija PM, Zagreb

- Neohypno romantizam, Galerija SC, Zagreb, cat.

group exhibitions/selection
- Transitland TOUR:  Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid; South East European Film Festival, Los Angeles; Media Forum of the Moscow International Film Festival, cat.
- Have a look, Have a Look!, FormContent, London
- Conteporary Photography, Bascarsija Nights Festival, Kursumli medresa, Sarajevo, cat.

- Looking at Others, Art Pavillion, Zagreb, cat.
- Art and Terrorism, City Gallery Bihac, cat.
- Urban Festival ‘09, Zagreb
- City of Women, “Global South”, Gallery P74, Ljubljana
- 10 - A Generation of Artist’s Books 1999 - 2009, O’ Artoteca,. Milan
- The Flag, The Good Children Gallery, New Orleans

- Salon of the Revolution, HDLU, Zagreb
- Natural Relations, City of Women, SKUC gallery, Ljubljana
- Croatia First Minute, Verket, Avesta
- Land of Human Rights,  <rotor> center for contemporary art, Graz
- NO BORDERS (Just N.E.W.S.*), AICA, La Centrale Electrique, Brussels, cat.
- Palace, Cinema Palace, St. Gallen
- Barricades Without Borders, Sarajevo Winter Festival, IPC Gallery Sarajevo, cat.

- Women on the Crossroads of Ideologies, City Hall, Split, cat.
- Heroes in Transition, Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham, cat.
- Artists, BOP Gallery, Zagreb, cat.
- Cinemaniac 2007, as part of Pula Film Festival, MMC Luka, Pula, cat.
- Bon Voyage, Threshold Artspace, Perth, Scotland
- 29 artists, exhibition of finalists for the MSU and T-HT award, Velesajam, Pavillon 9, Zagreb

- Radoslav Putar Award, Finalists 2006, Galerija Galzenica, Zagreb, cat.
- Zvono Award, Finalists 2006, Narodni Dom, Banja Luka, cat.
- Absent Without Leave, Bienal of Young Artists, Bucharest, cat.
- Welcome Home Laika, Alti Aylik, Istanbul

- No Stills #3, Discovering The Balkans, Brussels
- Insert, Retrospective of Croatian Video Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, cat.
- First person Singular, Art Gallery, Dubrovnik, cat.
- Normailzation: That from a long way off look like flies, Platform Garanti CAC, Istanbul
- Outside Sources, Kunstlervereingung MAERZ, Linz

- Flash, Likovni Salon Celje, Slovenia
- “Unimovie”, Museo Laboratorio ex manifattura tabacci, Citta Sant’Angelo, Pescara
- New Video, New Europe, Renaissance Society, Chicago, cat.

- Balkan Konsulat, <rotor>association for contemporary art, Graz, cat.
- In Between, Art Camp, Ars Aevi, Museum of Contemporary Art , Sarajevo, cat.
- Last East European Art Show, Museum of Modern Art, Belgrade, cat.


2000-mi2 web award, third prize, category, for project Pick-a-Pict,
2002- first prize in experimental film selection, 7th International Short Film Festival of the Iranian Young Cinema Society, Tehran
2003 - Best young artist, Video Medeja film festival, Novi Sad
2006 – Young Visual Artist Awards, “Zvono” winner, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2007 – first prize, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb and T-HT award, Museum acquisition

presentations and artist talks/selection

- 2009, Connecting Cultures, Milan
- 2009, Good Children Gallery, New Orleans
- 2009,  Academy of Fine Art, Vienna, Conceptual Art Class of Marina Gržinić
- 2008, University of Sarajevo, Academy of Drama Arts, Sarajevo
- 2008, Individual Utopias, First reading, 10m2, Sarajevo
- 2007, Trienalle Bovisa, Milan, as part of “Art and Survival” study day
- 2007, Forum Stadpark, Graz
- 2006, Art In General, New York
- 2005, Theory in Practice, Art Radionica Lazareti, Dubrovnik
- 2004, Stills Gallery, Edinburgh

residencies and grants/selection

2003 - 2004 - Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam, two year work period, supported by Ministry of Culture Netherlands and from Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of Croatia
2003 - grant from Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of Republic of Croatia
2004 - grant from Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of Republic of Croatia
2005 - AIR at Platform Garanti CAC, Istanbul, supported by the American Center Foundation
2005 – Cite des Arts internationals, Paris, supported by Croatian Artists Association
2006 – ISCP, New York, NY, supported by Foundation for a Civil Society and Trust for Mutual Understanding
2007 – Forum Stadtpark, AIR Exchange program, Graz, supported by CCN, Graz and Gallery Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb
2007 – Edinburgh Residency hosted by ARC Projects Edinburgh/Sofia
2008 – Kultur Kontakt Artist in Residence Program, Vienna
2010 – Projec grant, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia

−    2006  - Applied Go Go, Student Center Zagreb, month long program of events, talks, and workshops with November Paynter, Ana Peraica, Matthieu Prat and Anna Colin focused on interdisciplinary artistic, theoretical and curatorial practices.
−    2007 – Vocal Verbal, Gallery of Student Center Zagreb, exhibition featuring Anri Sala, Sejla Kameric, Chantal Akerman, Kristina Leko, David Maljkovic, Tina Gverovic, Kalup Linzy a.o.
−    2008 – An Exhibition Formerly Known as Boys and Their Toys, Gallery of Student Center Zagreb , with Brody Condon, Michael Smith, Nathan Parker, Ivan Fijolic, Ivan Kozaric a.o.