Brian St. Cyr at Isaac Delgado Fine Art Gallery

Everyday Hybrid

November 11, 2010 - January 27, 2011
City Park Campus, Building 1 , 3rd floor,  
615 City Park Avenue 
Monday – Friday
9:00 am – 4:00 pm 

Until recently, daily life and its mundane surfaces and textures were generally considered the bane of artistic creation. A new generation of artists reconsiders how the unassuming lack of façade in quotidian life can lead to new realms of expression.  Everyday Hybrid at Isaac Delgado Fine Art Galley features seven artists from this new generation; Brian St. Cyr is one of these artists.

Artist Statement:
My work over the last two years has been concerned with subject matter. What is the filtering process that allows certain imagery and subject matter through, while leaving so much behind? Do I bring what I have to “say” to any material I choose, or does the object or subject matter dictate the final image or idea?

TeaCage 4

Discarded, mass-produced, and “inappropriate” materials and subject matter interest me rather than more traditionally accepted materials.

Used Lipton tea-boxes and tea bags are customizable source material for my wall constructions. I am drawn to the combination of what is for most a very personal time, sitting down for a cup of tea; with the actual tea consumed being produced and presented by a monolithic enterprise. 

Pornographic imagery is plundered for any remaining “artistic” merit in my drawings. I often find hidden graceful armatures on which to hang my drawn line within the otherwise ridiculous imagery of commingled figures.

TeaCage 6

Oversaturated popular icons such as Mickey Mouse are reverse engineered and restructured as animal cages in my works on paper. 
I take it as a unique challenge to find “meaning” or at least a personal connection within objects and images whose main strengths are to appeal to as many people as possible. I leave to the viewer to decide if I have succeeded.

-Brian St. Cyr



1991 BFA with Honors, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA /

Group Exhibitions

 2010             Everyday Hybrid, Isaac Delgado Art Gallery, Inter-Biennial Prospect.1.5, New Orleans, LA
                      10 x 10 x 10, Mighty Tieton Gallery, Tieton, WA /

                    Fly Cage, Kris Graves Projects, Brooklyn, NY /

2009                             Paperwork II, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans, LA /

                         Fundraiser, Cue Foundation Auction, New York, NY /

                       Auction, Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA /

 2006             BAM Silent Auction, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY /

                      A Separate Reality, Rahway Arts Guild, Rahway, NJ /

                     Ridykeulous, Participant Gallery, New York, NY /

 2005             BAM Silent Auction, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY /

                    NextWave, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY /

 2001             Gordon Pym, Printed Matter, New York, NY /

                       Factory Direct, The Arts Center, Troy, New York /

                    Trade Two, LFL Gallery, New York, NY /

2000             Seven Eleven, Gallery 7-11, Adams, MA

1994             Under-Xposed, Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA / 

Solo Exhibitions

2006             New Work, Washington Arts Club, Washington, DC /

2003             OS II, Corn Exchange Gallery, Brooklyn, NY /

2002             OS, Corn Exchange Gallery, Brooklyn, NY/

2001             nojoe, Hardware Space, Brooklyn, NY

1998             appleovereasy, Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA /

1995             New Work, ID Gallery, New Orleans, LA