Jessica Bizer at the Louisiana State Museum

Fresh Off the Turnip Truck

November 6, 2010 through January 20, 2011
Louisiana State Museum
632 Dumaine Street, Madame John’s Legacy
(504) 568-6968
Tues – Sun
10 am – 4:30 pm

New Orleans has always been a place that attracts artists from other parts of the country and world. That influx, which has continued—arguably under exceptional circumstances—in the last five years, is the topic of this exhibition. Fresh Off the Turnip Truck examines the work of accomplished young artists who are all, to a degree, recent arrivals in the city. Jessica Bizeris one of these artists.

Make it Last, 2010

Jessica Bizer was born in St. Petersburg, FL in 1979.
She currently lives and works in New Orleans.

   “My hope is that the viewer will, like me, become engaged in a struggle between viewing a static fiat accompli and feeling as if they were participating in a series of contradictions and narratives that come to no settling conclusion. I feel that my work both experiences and argues for the necessity of both.” 

– Jessica  Stockholder ( Brockhaus, Christoph and Müller-Tamm, Pia . Jessica Stockholder. Duisburg, Gemany: Wilhelm Lehmbruck  Museum, 2003.)     

I love the theatrics that result from creating a relationship, however absurd, among otherwise clashing materials. My paintings and installation are driven by the drama of fusing varied, often conflicting, textures, colors and fabrics into a tenuous order.

My work contains multi-layered and vacillating narratives influenced by a range of aesthetic sensibilities. In particular, I am drawn to the epic, often grandiose qualities of 19th Century Romantic landscapes, Mid-20th Century abstract painting and contemporary representations of the sublime.

My goal is for these scenes to represent personal fantasy worlds, where a variety of visual elements simultaneously play and conflict, forming enthusiastically divergent narratives.  I am interested in the potential of this form to create a push-and-pull between realistic and fanciful space*— settings in which viewers can explore wildly divergent narratives and playful departures of consciousness.  

Night Moves, 2010 



2009    M. F. A., University of New Orleans, concentration in Painting.

2003 - 5.        Studio Art, Hunter College, City University of New York. Concentration in Painting and Sculpture.

Selected Exhibitions  (* solo show)

Leaving the Solar System, Good Children Gallery.

 Southern Open, Acadiana Center for the Arts, Lafayette, LA; Bill Arning, curator.

 Sailing to Byzantium, Good Children Gallery, New Orleans, LA; Adrian Price, curator.

I am an Important Giant, Antenna Gallery, New Orleans, LA; Natalie McLaurin, curator.

 Benefit for Central City Artist Project, NURTUREart, Brooklyn, NY; Brooke Pickett, curator.

Outer Space is Pretty Unusual, University of New Orleans, St. Claude Gallery, M.F.A. thesis show. (*)

Garden of Earthly Delights, Antenna Gallery, New Orleans, LA; Robin Atkinson, curator.

Postcards from the CAC, Contemporary Art Center, New Orleans, LA; Dan Cameron, curator.

We’ve Got Levitation, Good Children Gallery. (*)

Get There, Open Air Project, outdoor installation, New Orleans, LA. 

United Artists, Good Children Gallery.

Bizer, Fields, Jones, Podesta: An Emerging Artist Group Exhibition, Arthur Roger Project Space, New Orleans, LA.

The Power to Reduce Friction, Kachele Projects, New Orleans, LA. (*)

Multi-Function Device, Art in Action, outdoor installation, Chalmette, LA.

This House is Made of Water, Stealth Arts, Birmingham, AL.

Surge: New Orleans on High Ground, Brooklyn Lyceum, Brooklyn, NY. 

Geography of Now, Pancake Studios, Hunter College undergraduate exhibition, New York, NY.  

Lesser New York, Queens Plaza, Long Island City, NY.  

Art Show at the Brooklyn Underground Film Festival, Brooklyn Lyceum.

Where Are We Going, 2010