Natalie McLaurin at the Louisiana State Museum

Fresh Off the Turnip Truck

November 6, 2010 through January 20, 2011
Louisiana State Museum
632 Dumaine Street, Madame John’s Legacy
(504) 568-6968
Tues – Sun
10 am – 4:30 pm

New Orleans has always been a place that attracts artists from other parts of the country and world. That influx, which has continued—arguably under exceptional circumstances—in the last five years, is the topic of this exhibition. Fresh Off the Turnip Truck examines the work of accomplished young artists who are all, to a degree, recent arrivals in the city. Natalie McLaurin is one of these artists.

Nightmare 504

“My work explores life cycles and dreams through fiber sculptures and installations.

Growing up in east Tennessee surrounded by crafters of all stripes—weavers, sculptors, quilters—I took full advantage of the available, abundant tools and expertise.  The meditative, procedural nature of these crafts is interesting and powerful: through these acts of creation it is entirely possible to end up in a place nowhere near one’s initial destination yet still completely satisfying.”

-Natalie McLaurin

Bring Me 

Pratt Institute
Bachelor of Industrial Design


Selected Exhibitions

Pochran Studios, DUMBO Brooklyn, NY
November  2007

Disaster Convergence 
Pochran Studios, DUMBO Brooklyn, NY
December 2007 

Inevitability of Failure: The Impossibility of Desire
Pochran Studios, DUMBO Brooklyn, NY
June 2008

Can’t Not
Pochran Studios, DUMBO Brooklyn, NY
April  2009

Pochran Studios, DUMBO Brooklyn, NY
July 2009

Because I Said So
The Project Gallery, Asheville, NC
January 15, 2010- February 15, 2010

Deep Pockets
Antenna Gallery, New Orleans
March 13, 2010- March 4, 2010

You Didn’t See Me