Sam Still at the Lemieux Gallery

November 6, 2010 - November 29, 2010
332 Julia Street
Mon – Sat 10-6

Lemieux Gallery will feature a series of smaller Prospect.1.5 showcase exhibitions that focus on the works of artists originally from New Orleans & Louisiana who live and work in New York and California. Sam Still is the first artist in the series of three.

Artist Statement:

My practice is the push and pull of the rapidograph barrel against the paper grain, with the paper grain. The delight in the ink’s power to overcome, obliterate, saturate the white as the barrel passes calculatingly along the paper. The smell of the ink, the sound of the barrel scratching a pathway as the ink is pulled out of the pen. The almost giddy anticipation of the act of drawing, the chase. Oh, what animalistic pleasure is derived.

These drawings are also a record of a journey. A journey of thought and contemplation Sometimes brief, other times long and involved. My drawings record the time spent.

Burnished Ink Drawings, 2009


“Still has produced a body of high quality art over the past two decades that has included decorative grids, post modern appropriation (a brilliant suite of Minimalist Donald Judd boxes, reproduced in used lumber), neo-conceptualist commentaries on the consumer society, computer-generated prints on sandpaper. One of the most consistently inventive artists on the circuit, Still could share the post-painterly abstraction purse.” 
Douglas MacCash
Art Season Opens, New Orleans, LA, Times-Picayune/Lagniappe, October 6, 2000 

“Still is a Minimalist, a Non- Representationist, whose vocabulary is the polka dot that he multiplies across the surface of his latex on birch plywood paintings. Process plays a large role in Still’s work. He apparently delights in fusing wood as paint and paint as wood, so that texture is also an integral part of each carefully orchestrated piece.”

Julia McLellan 
Four Abstractionists, New Orleans, LA, New Orleans Art Review, January/February, 2001

Burnished Ink Drawings 2008