Beth Dary at the Heriard-Cimino Gallery

November 6, 2010 - December 1, 2010

440 Julia Street
Tue – Sat 10-5

Heriard-Cimino Gallery is devoting its project room to Prospect.1.5 from November to January, and each month will feature a work of a single artist, each of whom ties her or his own work to south Louisiana Culture. Beth Dary is the first in the series of three.

Beth Dary is a multi-media artist exploring the natural world in a precarious moment of balance and imbalance through her public art installations, en caustic works and sculptures. Dary has participated in several artist residency programs including Yaddo, Virgina Center for the Creative Arts and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Gulf Coast Residency. Her work has been commissioned by Battery Park City in Manhattan and has received grants from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and The Manhattan Community Arts Fund. Most recently Dary’s work has been curated into exhibits at the Islip Art Museum and Art in Odd Places, NYC and is in several private and corporate collections including the Whitney National Bank and the New Orleans Museum of Art. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University and a Masters of Fine Arts from Memphis College of Art. Originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Dary currently lives and works in New York City.



Artist Statement:


The natural world is above, around and below us — infinitely bigger and smaller
than our limited sphere of perception. At the same time, our environment is
increasingly modified and distorted by our activities across the planet. My
current work is part of an ongoing exploration of this equilibrium/disequilibrium
and its impact on a global, an individual, or even a microscopic level.

Emanation / Glass/ Dimensions variable/ 2009/ Photographer: Effi Cohen

Both the choice of imagery and the juxtapositions of media/materials are
concerned with our fragile political state and environment. In paintings and
drawings, I have been employing traditional mediums such as egg tempera &
encaustic on panel and paper, as well as creating sculptures and installations
using manufactured materials including fabric, pins, concrete and glass.

Equilibrium / Glass/ Installation in the Lily Pond, Battery Park City, NYC/ Dimensions variable/ 2008/ Photographers: Sue Daley and Steve Gross

Drawing visual inspiration from such sources as the mold patterns prevalent in
the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, CO2 bubbles captured in Arctic Ice, or the
metaphorical “bubble” that we all live in, circles and cycles dominate my
recent work. Shared surfaces show connections, with isolation at the center,
“bubbles” form, coalesce and sometimes burst, only to reform. The work seeks
to explore both the fragility and the regenerative power in our lives and in the
world around us. “Natural” & “Man-made,” growth & decay, weeds, seeds,
spores & viruses are seen to be a part of the same kind of process — capable of
great beauty and destruction, quite possibly at the same time.

Surface Tensions / Egg tempera and en caustic on paper/ 20” x 17”/ 2007/ Photographer: Nick Ghiz